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What a lesson!

Finally I managed to get the courage, will and time to play my placements matches for 1on1 ladder and o-boy what a ride that was. How much you can learn from a 5 placement matches? Well, more than you can ever imagine. If I could take back time I would play those placement matches way earlier. This way I only managed to create the worst enemy for myself - ME!

So, I decided today was going to be the day I start my journey on 1on1 ladder. I have been saving those 5 placement matches so I could learn more stuff. So I wouldn't be such a noob. The competetive side in me made me to learn more stuff and study all kinds of things. I wanted too much too soon. I was practicing so I could be better at practicing. Sounds weird, doesn't it? By all this studying and learning I was only doing harm to myself. I know that now. I was stacking up my expectations and build up an illusion that I have learned so much and I might be even placed in silver or what the heck, why not even gold? Seriously, I somehow managed to turn things inside my head that way. I thought that if I do know all of these things and have practiced with my friends and AI, I could really be better than bronze. How wrong was I ...


GOMtv and GSL

What is the second best way to learn the game than actually playing it? Watching better guys playing it!

So, what to do next? Just find an active tournament and start watching streams. Luckily GSL March was just started and a lot of good games coming up. There is a free stream from the matches if you download the gom player to watch them. There is also a higher quality stream available for the price of $9,99. Well, that was my choice.  With the Season Ticket you can watch VODs later on when it suites best for you. GSL games used to start during my workday so I rather watch those match at home and put some thougths into it.

You should defenately tune in too. Just visit and start watching Global Starcraft II League Mar.

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