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Feel the adrenaline!

I finally start to understand what makes this game so good. Not just for the spectators but for the players too. For these first 14 games I have been 1on1 laddering have been really amazing and so instructive. Everytime I push that "Find Match" my heart starts to pump faster and my palms are starting to sweat. I like this feeling. It's like I'm child again playing for the first time. I haven't had these feelings for a long time when I have been playing other games. But it gets more intence. When the game actually starts you go for weird hyperactive state of mind where you are multitasking and doing things so fast. You are so focused and concentrated. If you happen to lose you, just GG and be thankfull for a good lesson. Time to think through what went wrong and how to prevent that happening again. But if you win, it's a totally different story. All that concentration and adrenaline blows up after seeing the GG - I feel great. My hands are shaking and my pulse is closer to 200. Can you get addicted of this feeling? Does it fade away after a while?


What a lesson!

Finally I managed to get the courage, will and time to play my placements matches for 1on1 ladder and o-boy what a ride that was. How much you can learn from a 5 placement matches? Well, more than you can ever imagine. If I could take back time I would play those placement matches way earlier. This way I only managed to create the worst enemy for myself - ME!

So, I decided today was going to be the day I start my journey on 1on1 ladder. I have been saving those 5 placement matches so I could learn more stuff. So I wouldn't be such a noob. The competetive side in me made me to learn more stuff and study all kinds of things. I wanted too much too soon. I was practicing so I could be better at practicing. Sounds weird, doesn't it? By all this studying and learning I was only doing harm to myself. I know that now. I was stacking up my expectations and build up an illusion that I have learned so much and I might be even placed in silver or what the heck, why not even gold? Seriously, I somehow managed to turn things inside my head that way. I thought that if I do know all of these things and have practiced with my friends and AI, I could really be better than bronze. How wrong was I ...


How to get into SC2?

Well, for few days I've been studying SC2 hard and trying to find all sorts of articles and quides to read. Desperately tryed to find different streams and matches to watch. Why? Most of you will ask why I'm not playing? Those are really good questions. I started to think why the heck I'm not laddering 1v1 yet? Why I feel strange need to be "better" before playing my placement matches? Why on earth I'm afraid to go ladder? The stats and win/lose ratios shouldn't mean a thing so why I'm thinking about them. We all lose games. Thats part of the learning process. I googled a bit and was a quite surprised how many topics I found about fear of laddering. I somehow understand the situation when you achieve certain spot on ladder or a league, although you still should overcome it easily.

But how to overcome that at the start? All you really need is to do is watch our beloved mentor, the mighty professor of SC2, father of all inspirations, mister Sean "day9" Plott's daily number 269 - How to get into SC2.

I don't know how Day9 does it, but he already reads me like an open book and is many steps ahead. We haven't played a single game against each other. Never...  in any game.... Seriously! How he is in my head then!? That must be the difference of a guru and a noob! I couldn't believe my ears when watching this episode. Laughed and shaked my head so many times. Sean mentions things after things what I have been doing, thinking or struggling with. But hey, huge thanks! You gave me so much to think about in this episode. Playing SC2 really should be fun. FUN!

So, watch that daily and start having fun! Start playing with your friends, share thoughts and interact. Make small goals to yourself and don't be too hard on yourself. You'll get better. No doubt. And it's much more motivating when you are actually having fun at the same time.

In case you have practised so hard that you can't click a single click anymore or videos are blocked in your browser by some weird setting or you just can't stop reading my blog - here is the main things gathered for you from daily 269.

Continue reading for my main notes from Day9's daily number 269 »


Second try

For some unknown reason my first attempt to start playing SC2 actively didn't work out like I planned. I think there was some information owerflow because other games started to feel more fun. This should be fun, so note to myself: don't try to adapt everything at once! It just doesn't work that way.

Learning SC2 take time and hundreds and hundreds of practise games. So, after 4 months break I decided to try again. Now I have to find the spark again and maintain the flame. The SC2 tournament at Assembly Summer 2011 was pure gasoline. It was amazing to watch the matches between the top players live and same time on a huge screen. I also bought a season ticket to GOMTV's Global StarCraft II League August. Looking good so far. Hopefully this time I finally dare to start my journey on 1on1 ladder too.