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A day well spent

Phew, what a day! I should remember not to overload my mind with the information I should know and learn about sc2 all at once. I should take my time and work the things I'm about to learn but where is the patience? Well, I think that's ok for now as long I'm having fun.

I started my day by watching some GSL matches from Code A. Great games and got a lot of good ideas from there. Although I miss the Tastosis, the great casting duo of Tasteless and Artosis.

After that it was time to go practise against AI. I beat normal easily, hard almost every time but the very hard gives me hard times. I know, what is the point playing against cheating computer? I should go laddering but I just want to learn a bit more before that. My competetive side is messing with my mind. Luckily I got few tips and found the more realistic AI. This Fyn AI is way better and does things that normal players would do. You really should try beating this if you want good practise. You can find these by searching maps with the word "fyn." Check the Fyn AI topic also on TeamLiquid

I also watched some tutorials how to do cannon rushes, 2 gate rushes and how to stop 6 pool but I have to work on those quite alot more. Time to go grab some sleep so I manage to wake up early to watch Huk fighting in Code S.

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GOMtv and GSL

What is the second best way to learn the game than actually playing it? Watching better guys playing it!

So, what to do next? Just find an active tournament and start watching streams. Luckily GSL March was just started and a lot of good games coming up. There is a free stream from the matches if you download the gom player to watch them. There is also a higher quality stream available for the price of $9,99. Well, that was my choice.  With the Season Ticket you can watch VODs later on when it suites best for you. GSL games used to start during my workday so I rather watch those match at home and put some thougths into it.

You should defenately tune in too. Just visit and start watching Global Starcraft II League Mar.

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