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What race?

Another big decision to make. What race would be mine? There are Protoss, Zerg and Terran. I really dont know much about these races since I havn't played the earlier SC but I do have got some idea and overall picture of their features.

In my mind Terran is the easiest to start with. Good and well balanced race in many ways and has a very versatile army. The main storyline in singleplayer mode at SC2 - wings of liberty is a Terrain campaign. I think it's also the most played race in SC2. Not quite what I'm looking for.



Zerg seems to be the most demanding and complex. There are really lots of things that you should be doing all the time. Serious multitasking with huge armys and constantly spreading bases and creep. It's like evil cancer with metastases and you should controll it with twisted mind towards your enemies. Zerg should be the aggressor and constantly harassing the enemy. Sounds a bit too tricky for a new comer in RTS games although I would love the challenge it offers.


Last but not least - the Protoss. In my mind this race is in the middle. Quite easy to start with, really strong but expencive army which offers good strategys but you can still be fine with it with just one or two bases. Your army and buildings all have shields that helps a lot when your opponent gives pressure. My friends area mainly playing Terrans and Zergs so there would be a nice place for one more Protoss. Now I have to just start to play with this race and start learning some stuff. The amount of have to know things is huge. I dont even know what all the characters look like or what they do.


There is also an option for random class. When you play random the game will randomly choose a race for you to play in each game. I can't even consider this option since I have no history in SC or RTS games so I have my hands full learning even one race properly. Maybe later at some point. Time will tell.


GOMtv and GSL

What is the second best way to learn the game than actually playing it? Watching better guys playing it!

So, what to do next? Just find an active tournament and start watching streams. Luckily GSL March was just started and a lot of good games coming up. There is a free stream from the matches if you download the gom player to watch them. There is also a higher quality stream available for the price of $9,99. Well, that was my choice.  With the Season Ticket you can watch VODs later on when it suites best for you. GSL games used to start during my workday so I rather watch those match at home and put some thougths into it.

You should defenately tune in too. Just visit and start watching Global Starcraft II League Mar.

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And here we go

Finally I received my copy of StarCraft 2. Here starts my journey to the world of fascinating Real Time Strategy games. I have no experience what so ever of RTS games or earlier StarCraft games but something here attracts me. Few of my friends have been talking a lot about SC2 and how great game it is. I also have watched some streamed matches and I have to say that the castings I have seen so far have been one of the greatest of all games.

So, here we go. Time to install SC2 and start learning.