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How to get started

Small but determined steps that leads to amazing RTS world of StarCraft 2. Here are my notes and nice to know things from the very beginning. It's a long road ahead.

1. First things first - Get your copy of SC2

  • Buying the SC2. I bought the retail pack instead of just the digital version. I like to have some concrete and extra. With the pack you also recieve two 7 hours quest pass to give your friends so they can try SC2 also.
  • Install SC2 to your hard drive. Prepare to wait quite a long time cause there are many patches to download and update before you can actually get into the game.
  • You have to have a account created. Attach your SC2 with the cd-key to your account to play it online.

2. T minus 10 seconds and counting. Get ready to launch!

  • Decide your nick in SC2. Think that through cause you can change it only once later on. ONCE! Until Blizzard activates the option to allow people change their nicks more than once.
  • Go through the tutorials and menus
  • Start learning the units
  • Try the campaign. Everyone says it's really great. Normal should be ok even though you don't have any experience of RTS games.
  • Figure out what race you would like to play - What race? You can also go with random and let the game decide what you'll play for each match, but I strongly recommend to save that for later on when you actually know more about the game.

3. Back to library. Start studying!

4. Enough studying, start playing!

Yet Another Build Order Tester (YABOT)

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