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I'm the guy from FPS games who have never played RTS games before. I'm the one who experienced the late enlightenment from console gaming into PC-gaming - which is the only correct way to really play and compete. I know that now. After playing Team Fortress 2 competitevly for almost 3 years I wanted to try something different.

But why StarCraft 2? Why RTS? I'm not sure. Maybe cause I have always been quite competitive? Maybe I really like the challenge sc2 is offering? There sure are a lot to learn and the learning curve for SC2 is really challenging.

The reason for this blog is simply to improve my game and share my experiences during my journey. Hopefully I can also give good tips and help out other players who have just started playing SC2 or thinking about it. There are so many things to learn in the beginning so why not write part of the stuff down. I know that I can improve my game by keeping some kind of blog about it. It makes me think my games through. It makes me learn from my mistakes much faster and it makes me follow the scene and what's going on in it.

This blog ofcourse offers a great way for me to get feedback and comments from you guys also. So feel free to add comments, tips, links, friend invites etc. I'm more than happy to talk about SC2, analyze streams, try new tactics, play practise games and have fun.

You can find me at IRC @ quakenet with nick nautti
My SC2 profile
My Twitter page

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