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Assembly Summer 2011 – ASUS ROG SC2 Tournament

I wanted to say a few words about the ASUS ROG SC2 event at Assembly. This tournament really made me want to start playing again and learn all these great strategies in the game. It's really something to stand few feets away from the players you watch online all the time: LiquidHuk, oGsNada, mTw.DIMAGA etc. Also a huge thanks to Assembly organizers who have listened the players and fans and improved the conditions for SC2. This time the event was much more spectator friendly than the previous ones. For the next Assembly SC2 tournament we would like to have even more seats where to watch the games.

There was many good matches and some surprises like Huk not moving up from group stages or NaDa dropping at first round at best of 16 games. The final between mTw.DIMAGA and mouz.MaNa was also extremely entertaining, especially the first match. It was 45 minutes of fireworks. How often do you see builds like that in a final game? Watch first map here!

Here you can find many more casted games from Assembly Summer 2011:

And ofcourse the final games:

There is also a really good post on TeamLiquid - ASUS ROG - Assembly Summer 2011 Aftermath

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