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Me, myself and AI

I really have to start playing and learn the units, maps, keys and builds. I know that I don't want to just start the 1vs1 league with zero knowledge and experience, so those games are out of the question. I want to know more about the game and know what I'm doing or what I suppose to do in certain situations. Too bad I don't have any friends whose are about to start the SC2 from the scratch. All my friends already have played quite a while and much more experienced in league games than me. I do get a lot of great tips and learn good tricks, but when we tried 1vs1 game I was beaten up so badly I didn't even know what happened.

So, I tried to start the campaign but I hate the fact that I would have to mostly play it with Terrains. Not something im too happy about when I suppose to learn the gameplay of Protoss. Lets forget the campaign and start learning the stuff in 1vs1 games against the AI. There are six levels of AI script difficulty: very easy, easy, medium, hard, very hard and insane. The easiest is good to start with. You have enough time and space to learn the basics. I was surprised how fast I managed to learn the basics and try the Easy AI. I know it's really easy for almoust every one but still - I am total noob in this.

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