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What makes SC2 so special?

Ok, we all know it's a great game, no doubt! It demands a lot of skill to be really good and you can't beat a pro with just pure luck. SC2 fits for everyone, young and old and you don't even have to play it by yourself to enjoy it. Just spectating the games can be very entertaining. These things make the game good, but what makes it special? I like how Jeffrey Alejos said it on the SonsOfStarcraft: "It is a top down game that spawned a bottom up society, where the stars are the fans and the fans are the stars." The stars are truly the biggest fans. They spent most of the time with the game and in the game. But the real stars are the true fans, that follow and support their favourite players. Mimic their plays, spectate and cheer, support and live through their idols. But still, it's not the pros and fans who makes this so special - it's you!

Since the SC2 community is so huge there are bigger variety of people and persons. The two sides of the coin can be easely seen. If we put all the all-knowing insecure brats that are still searhing themselves, all the trolls and E-penis boosters aside there are so many great people who are working to make this community even better. Ofcourse community this big have bigger stars, those great nerdballers, who bravely guides us and spreads the word of Esports. Thank you day9 for your great shows and castings. Thank you Artosis and Tasteless for making spectating so entertaining. But you don't have to be huge nerdballer to make SC2 so special! It's even more important what happens on the lower levels of the community. How to get more and more new players to be interested about the game. How players treat each others. Ofcourse there are competition and large emotions involved but still, you can always try to give something back. So far SC2 community have exceeded all my expectations.

I red somewhere that there are about 150 people working with the site TeamLiquid volunteerly and free of charge. That is just awesome! Because of that we have a great SC2 site that connect us, help us and feed us. There are so many great players that stream night after night their games and try to tell what are they doing and why. They want to help their fans to become better gamers and understand the game more. This way the fans could enjoy the game as much as they do, feel the same kind of vibes when competing and have some goals where to aim. I like the fact that most of the pro players always thanks their fans and appriciate the supprot they get.  So many active players who write their own blogs and help each others out, people who want to casts games and people who create content to different sites. There are even players who give lessons for free, teach, advice and help other players to improve. There are people who want to make documentaries about the people close to SC2 and spread the word. The SC2 community even collected the pledge of $18,400 to make Sons Of Starcraft happen in only one night! How amazing is that! You can do so much around SC2!

Oh, and what a great ambassador SC2 truly has - South Korea. I didn't know that much about them before SC2, but now, they have won my heart. They seem to be so humble people and full of joy. Their players work really really hard to get in top of the game. They have great sponsors, they supports each others after hard losses and they usually compete with a tongue in their cheek. The great, but too short, program called Project A was all about this. I really lived and empathized all the joys, laughters, setbacks and losses along the great legend - YellOw. I was watching those episodes with a smile on my face and now afterwards, I feel something is missing from my Fridays. GOMTV, please make season 2 and make it soon! Oh, and let's not forget that Korean Pop-music. Happy people dancing and singing along joyful melodies in colorful videos, you just got to love that! One day I would love to visit South Korea!

If you would like to follow day9's advice and head to TeamLiquid forums to find practice buddies, no need to hesitate. It's pretty easy to get new friends through SC2 scene and it's great. This game is so much better with friends. I have to say special thanks to TL forums and a guy called Basagu / Carapace. He just happened to read some of my first blog posts and offered to give me some tips for Protoss play. How great is that. I have just started playing and yet there is this platinum protoss willing to give me tips and show some tricks. Although I'm almost twice at his age, we get along just great. I'm very grateful for all the advises and time he has given me. It's all about you and how you approach things. You tend to get what you ask for.

No matter what gaming community we are talking about, people unfortunately all so often forgot the ones who put their hearts out and try to give something back for the game they truly love. People tend to take things for granted and can't see the great work behind the scenes and it's sad. It's so easy to complain and diss something that someone else have done, although it was ment for you too and totally free. It's easy to taunt and crush players less experienced than you and boost your own ego with their expense. I've been working my ass off trying to generate all kinds of content for the people, organize great competitions and lans, guide and mentor beginners to get into the gaming and so on for the past 3 years with another gaming scene. I also know how ungrateful, stressing and time consuming that volunteered work can sometimes be. It's even harder and tougher online, since you can't even see joyfull faces and smiles or hear thanks from the people who enjoys the stuff you make. Luckily this work has it's moments too. But what makes SC2 scene to feel so much better and special than the others?

I'd say those people who are willing to do something to improve the community, those who are giving something back, you are the reason what makes SC2 so special. I'm overwhelmed how many of you are out there!! Thank you so much for your work and please continue doing that. SC2 is definitely the crown of ESPORTS in my eyes!

The site to be - Teamliquid:
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  1. pretty good insights. I’ll be sure to stop by and read more from you. thanks.

  2. special thing about SC2 is that blizz pumped a shitload of money into it

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