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Feel the adrenaline!

I finally start to understand what makes this game so good. Not just for the spectators but for the players too. For these first 14 games I have been 1on1 laddering have been really amazing and so instructive. Everytime I push that "Find Match" my heart starts to pump faster and my palms are starting to sweat. I like this feeling. It's like I'm child again playing for the first time. I haven't had these feelings for a long time when I have been playing other games. But it gets more intence. When the game actually starts you go for weird hyperactive state of mind where you are multitasking and doing things so fast. You are so focused and concentrated. If you happen to lose you, just GG and be thankfull for a good lesson. Time to think through what went wrong and how to prevent that happening again. But if you win, it's a totally different story. All that concentration and adrenaline blows up after seeing the GG - I feel great. My hands are shaking and my pulse is closer to 200. Can you get addicted of this feeling? Does it fade away after a while?

I have faced a wide range of different tactics and strategies already in these first 14 games I have played on Bronze ladder. My first match was against terran player who was in silver. I can't describe the the feeling after he typed GG and I won that match. After that I got to learn the variance in Bronze league games. You really can't predict or know what is coming. Prepare for some cheeses. Scouting is so important and you need to learn to recognize some main builds. The Zerg players I got to play against really liked to cheese and be aggressive at the start. I did have some major problems with their timings and pressure. Only solutions for that was to scout it and learn to effectively block my ramp. After a few match I got a chance to test my learnings against early aggression Zerg. This time I hold it and was able to start pushing back. After winning that match I was so thrilled. The feeling when you have done something right and actually managed to improve is really great. I also got one quite frustrating win against a random Terran player. I managed to take a huge lead and demolish his army but he just would give up. He starts to lift his buildings and flying all around the map. I'm not sure what is the point doing that when you don't have any chances left, but I quess that's part of the "fun" for someones.

My first week in 1on1 ladder is starting to coming to an end. I have now 14 played matches with 7 lose and 7 wins. I'm quite happy with that considering my free time challenges and earlier RTS experience. I would like to play a bit more, but not having time might be a good thing. This way my interest keeps up on a good level. I have even noticed some improvements in some things. I remember do to things more effectively and that gives me more time to focus on other necessary things. I'm still Bronze but my rank is now 34th. I really like the feeling that playing SC2 gives me. The excitement and adrenaline rushes. One thing I'm considering though... what is it like after 1500 games? Are there any of these feelings left? Where do you get your kicks after the first appeal have fade away?

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