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What a lesson!

Finally I managed to get the courage, will and time to play my placements matches for 1on1 ladder and o-boy what a ride that was. How much you can learn from a 5 placement matches? Well, more than you can ever imagine. If I could take back time I would play those placement matches way earlier. This way I only managed to create the worst enemy for myself - ME!

So, I decided today was going to be the day I start my journey on 1on1 ladder. I have been saving those 5 placement matches so I could learn more stuff. So I wouldn't be such a noob. The competetive side in me made me to learn more stuff and study all kinds of things. I wanted too much too soon. I was practicing so I could be better at practicing. Sounds weird, doesn't it? By all this studying and learning I was only doing harm to myself. I know that now. I was stacking up my expectations and build up an illusion that I have learned so much and I might be even placed in silver or what the heck, why not even gold? Seriously, I somehow managed to turn things inside my head that way. I thought that if I do know all of these things and have practiced with my friends and AI, I could really be better than bronze. How wrong was I ...

Thank god the reality hit me right in the face. First of all. I was so nervous and stressed out when I was about to start playing. In fact I was panicking. My stomach turned upside down. My palms was all sweating and my hear pounded so fast. I do like the thrill and enjoy that feeling when competing but now, I really should have been calm and just to have fun. Well, it didn't work out this time. First two matches was really really horrible. I forgot almost everything what I should be doing and in what order. My brains didn't work and I was just tilting in adrenaline rush. Grown up man stressing out for a game and acting like a little kid once again. I'm laughing when thinking this through, how silly!

In first match my opponent was Tropius and the map was Searing Crater. I have never played this so not sure what is in there. Tropius was a protoss who was also playing his/hers placement matches. Like I said, I wasn't sure what I was doing. Didn't scout properly, didn't make units or anything rational. Somehow I manage to lose for an army just full of Zealots. I handle my army poorly and lose everything. I know I can do a lot better than this.

What I learned from the match:
* Make Probes
* Scout properly
* Spend your money better
* Make units
* Learn to move your army! Some micro would be nice!

In second match I was going to battle against Terran called NerdBaller. It seemed he was also playing his/hers placement matches. I was thinking after this that shouldn't I be playing against already ranked players? Am I this bad that I deserve only other beginners? The map was Nerazim Crypt, another one I haven't played yet. Well, not much to tell from this match either. First of all I screwed up totally at my ramp. First he/she scouted me and told me by build I was doing in chat. After that he/she rushed in with helions and raped my probes. I was lost and didn't know what to do. After that he/she just said: "leave." Well, although I'm about to lose I would appreciate a bit more mannered way.

Notes from second match:
* Scout more
* Block your ramp correctly. Use that Hold-position to complete the wall!
* Learn to macro better. I'm way too slow.
* Always try to be polite!

Third match was against Tonio, a protoss who had 7 wins already in Bronze leaque. Map was again Searing Crater. I wasn't able to spot his build with my scouting and made a mistake by not punishing him/her for the fast expand. After I while I had to face the fact that there was several Dark Templars killing my probes and affecting my economy. After I managed to kill the sneaky bastards I was too insecure to move forward and attack. I should have make him/her pay for just building Dark Templars but I froze. When I finally moved on to his base it was too late. I missed my window and lost the game.

Notes from the third game:
* Learn the builds you might be facing.
* If opponent fast expands you should prepare for something fishy
* Use those Observers with your army
* Be brave enought to attack and move ahead
* Learn to see your opportunity and act accordingly
* Don't try to spread your probes at the beginning.

So, in the fourth game I got a change to fight against blueTick, who was 3rd in his Bronze league with 58 wins. He/she was playing Zerg in a neverseen before map - Nerazim Crypt. This was a bit better game for me since the early excitment was fade a bit. Yet again I ran into same problems. I don't scout effectively enough to see what is coming. This time my opponent desided to make full roach army. If I only would scouted that and made few more immortals I might have countered it. Soon it came obvious that I was overwhelmed by his macro and troops.

Points from fourth game:
* Scout, scout, scout!
* Learn to counter better
* Use your mental checklist so you remember things

Fifth and final game was against another protoss Henning who had 67 wins at Bronze league and ranked as 10th. Well, hard to say about this one. The game was going pretty well and I had my chances but could use them. I tryed something a bit too fancy and the whole house of cards collapsed when I don't have a clear picture what I'm doing. After some minor harassments my army was disappeared and I wasn't doing my macro and micro good enough. Falling more and more behind minute after minute. So finally I was just trying to delay the inevitable.

Last points for the fifth match:
* Be aggressive and take care of your units
* Use your opportunity
* Don't try too fancy builds
* Tech and build the more efficient and usefull addons/skills for the certain situations
* Don't try to delay the match. Just GG and move on.

So, what's left after I hit the floor and all my SC2 bits and pieces of information and tips are shattered all around the concrete? I'm still barely alive, shaking a bit, frustrated to myself but thankful for this very important lesson I have just learned. Now I'm placed at Bronze league with a rank of 98. Almost as low as it get but not quite. It's time for me to start working my way up in ladder and really learn some things. There is no easy way up! This is the beginning of my journey and I have so much to do and learn. Now the real practicing starts! For all of those who are hesitating to start laddering and want to learn more - please dont. Just go ahead and play. You'll just make things much more harder for yourself when you try to study things without playing. In this case - Ignorance is bliss!!

I also streamed all my placement matches and those can be seen on Justin TV. All comments and constructive feedback is more than welcome!

You can find my channel here:

And the direct links for matches are:

Like WhiteRa says: "More GG, more skill!"

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