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How to get into SC2?

Well, for few days I've been studying SC2 hard and trying to find all sorts of articles and quides to read. Desperately tryed to find different streams and matches to watch. Why? Most of you will ask why I'm not playing? Those are really good questions. I started to think why the heck I'm not laddering 1v1 yet? Why I feel strange need to be "better" before playing my placement matches? Why on earth I'm afraid to go ladder? The stats and win/lose ratios shouldn't mean a thing so why I'm thinking about them. We all lose games. Thats part of the learning process. I googled a bit and was a quite surprised how many topics I found about fear of laddering. I somehow understand the situation when you achieve certain spot on ladder or a league, although you still should overcome it easily.

But how to overcome that at the start? All you really need is to do is watch our beloved mentor, the mighty professor of SC2, father of all inspirations, mister Sean "day9" Plott's daily number 269 - How to get into SC2.

I don't know how Day9 does it, but he already reads me like an open book and is many steps ahead. We haven't played a single game against each other. Never...  in any game.... Seriously! How he is in my head then!? That must be the difference of a guru and a noob! I couldn't believe my ears when watching this episode. Laughed and shaked my head so many times. Sean mentions things after things what I have been doing, thinking or struggling with. But hey, huge thanks! You gave me so much to think about in this episode. Playing SC2 really should be fun. FUN!

So, watch that daily and start having fun! Start playing with your friends, share thoughts and interact. Make small goals to yourself and don't be too hard on yourself. You'll get better. No doubt. And it's much more motivating when you are actually having fun at the same time.

In case you have practised so hard that you can't click a single click anymore or videos are blocked in your browser by some weird setting or you just can't stop reading my blog - here is the main things gathered for you from daily 269.

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Day9's daily number 269

Stats and fun
- There is no matter what leaque you end up with. Bronze is totally fine.
- Mindset - This should be fun. This is the number one thing... FUUUUN!!
- Oh, and get your ego out of the game. E-penis doesn't mean a thing. This is a game. Games should be fun. No need to be a bully, jerk or a overall douchebag.
- Rating system is not your skill level. It measures your progress.

Celebrate with friends
- Get some buddies to play SC2 with.
- Good place to find SC2 friends is
- Find yourseld a trainingbuddy. A friend who to be active with.
- Play the campaign and play the practice matches.
- Remember to celebrate your wins and share those with your friends.
- Bash yourself, don't bash other people.
- Social aspect is important

Find a hero
- Start watching people play
- Pick a stream where someone is playind the same race than you
- Find inspiration by picking up one player, make him your hero and start following him/her in streams, news, forums etc.
- Start mimicing your hero player

Big 5 things
- mimicing
- refining
- experimenting
- benchmarking your improvement
- fun, goofy things

How to start practicing
- tune in to a stream 3 different days in a week
- play 5 games a week
- steal a build in one of those 5 games
- refine your build in one of those 5 games
- goofy around in one of those 5 games

What next
- When you get to silver or gold, play a session night every week or two. The session should last about 2 hours.
- Play king of the hill with your friends. It's fun!
- Make realistic goals like playing 40 games next week.
- Arrange show matches with someone and practice for those.

You can hear advices like macro and micro your standard builds over and over. That may be fastest way to get, but you ain't happy while doing it. That might get you in diamond, but it really doesn't give you that much.

Wise words from the man himself. Now, let's all have fun!!


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