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I need backup!

What to do when you want to play but you are still a bit insecure about your "skills?" You haven't started your 1vs1 laddergames but AI doesn't give you excitement enough? Grab one of your friends who has played more than you and start playing 2vs2 games! Luckily my friend sChNike, aggressive zerg who have experience from gold (1vs1) and diamond (2vs2) leagues, is playing with me and carries our team through battlefields. We were placed in bronze league in 2vs2. All because of me since I got my ass served on a plate in the ranking matches by far better players than me. Who said learning was going to be easy? There is no easy way!

Now after few 2vs2 ladder games in bronze league have really teached me alot! We even won few matches tonight and I managed to keep up somehow with the rest. Ofcourse these easier matches gives also sChNike a change to try around different and weirdest strategies ever. But isn't that great? Both get a change to improve their game and have fun. It was surprising that in our last match there was 2 players against us and they both were playing 1vs1 at silver league. This made me wonder a bit. What's the level amongst bronze league players and would I survive there with this knowledge I have for now?

One thing is for sure. I really need to learn few basic openings and stick with the plan until I get some information that I need to adapt to my enemy. Now I'm just building quite randomly everything and almost at the same time. I need to find the red line in my builds cause you can't have everything. This means heavy studies on differend builds and what works against what!

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  1. Suosittelen vaan rohkeasti alottamaan sen 1v1 ladduttamisen, tietokonetta vastaan harjoittelemisesta ei ole muuta apua, kuin mekaniikan hiominen ja 2v2 peli eroaa liikaa 1v1. Meet vaan sinne ladderiin ottamaan turpaan niin pitkään, että annat turpaan.

  2. Käy ainaki ihan rauhassa ottamassa turpaan ne 5 ekaa matsia, sen jälkeen on kivempi sieltä bronze-leaguesta kaivaa itsensä ylöspäin. Muutama kaveri jättäny pelit siihen, kun on jollain juustoamisella saanu hankittua itsensä platinumiin, ja sen jälkeen saa vaan taukoamatta turpaan satanolla. :)

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